Smart Mail | AI: Artificial Intelligence Driven Data Mining

Smart Mail | AI: Artificial Intelligence Driven Data Mining


Although the needle in marketing strategy may be pointing more towards digital channels for its traceability and potential for proliferation, statistics are proving that direct mail is still a top medium to contend with. In fact, 70% of Americans say traditional mail is more personal than the Internet, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

With Smart Mail | A.I.—we take the personal touch to a whole new level. Using the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning—along with the most current data sets—we are able to pinpoint and target lists and individuals deeper, resulting in more accurate, relevant, and effective buying experiences. Knowing that 78% of consumers will only engage offers if they have been personalized to their previous engagements —Smart Mail | A.I. is essential to your next direct mail campaigns success.
(sources: Infosys  DMN3)



This involves taking an existing list and breaking it up into broad demographic or psychographic groups. You might speak to women differently from men, singles differently from marrieds, and those with children differently from those without. Although there will be variation within each demographic, there will be a number of shared characteristics and data points that will enable artificial intelligence to to target the message specifically to customers on your lists.

By using advanced algorithms and machine learning, we are able to precisely target groups based on the goals of the campaign. You may select out your best customers for a special discount, for example, or promote certain products to key geographic areas based on anticipated weather conditions.

The ultimate achievement in advanced targeting is being able to speak to each individual by name and creating the message based on what you know about that person. A good example is loyalty offerings that provides a personalized call to action based on the clients past purchase and activity.

These proprietary trigger metrics alerts us to audiences representing real people who are actively shopping at a dealer lot within the previous 24-48 hours.

Proprietary process that patterns to detailed VIN targeting and customer data optimization.

  • Over 260+ selects can be used for precise targeting
  • Demographic, geographic, lifestyle & behavioral selects available
  • Auto Selects Available: Year, Make, Model, Class, Purchase Type, Company Owned Autos
  • Quality and Verification
  • Each record must match two source inputs for a record to be considered
  • We triangulate against additional major national file to ensure deliverability and to create a triple verified record
  • Our files are updated monthly
  • The file meets all DMA privacy, security compliances and is fully CAN-SPAM compliant
  • NCOA, Deceased Scrub, Address
  • Standardization and CASS

Data available on specific vehicle owned, trade-in value of the vehicle, actual amount owed on car loan, monthly payment and credit score.

  • Trigger Data Indicates in-market consumers based on life events such as new teen driver in household, retirement, new parents, and more
Machine Learning through advanced smart mail data points